Windermere School Kindness Campaign

Spearheaded by their principal, David Welch, students at Windermere School have been busy "Joining the Moo-vement!" 

In December Youth Services visited students at Windermere and presented an assembly and video. Students in 5th and 6th grade have formed a "Student Ambassadors" group where they have been brainstorming ways to spread kindness throughout their school.

A contest was held to name the Kindness Cow by 6th graders; and 5th graders have been decorating miniature paper cows with positive messages for students in grades K-4. They secretly go into a classroom while at recess and places the kindness cows around their classrooms!

Principal David Pearson, Ellington Middle School

Principal David Pearson, Ellington Middle School

The last week in September Ellington Middle School held an assembly for students about their Ally Program and the Decide To Be Kind campaign was introduced to them. Plans are underway for follow up conversations in the health classes about kindness and the role they can have creating a positive school climate at Ellington Middle School.

Way to go EMS! 


Rise Above, Ellington's student leadership group for high school students, sponsored Dodgeball for 7th and 8th grade students at Ellington Middle School on Saturday on December 5th. 

This year's theme: Decide To Be Kind.