"It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength."  --Maya Angelou

Tips for Parents: Children and Culture

Author Susan Ragsdale, from parentfurther.com gives us some great tips on how to be more culturally aware and accepting.

 Tips for parents with children under the age of 5

·        Give them opportunities to be around others. Kids in this age group are fearless. Having your child around others and showing (or practicing) your comfort level with all kinds of people sets the stage for acceptance. For example, one father, George Hovaness Donigian, recommends you take your child with you to a variety of festivals or events. Take them and say, “We’re going to meet some people who grew up in a world different than ours. They may dress differently, eat different foods, and speak a different language. And if we’re lucky, we may hear them speak it, and then we can ask them about it.”

·        Build an eclectic music library. One easy way to explore the best of other cultures is through music. From lullabies from around the world to musical series, you can take your family on a music tour around the world without leaving home through Putumayo, a site dedicated to introducing people to the world’s music.

·        Read from an assortment of books. When reading to your child and teaching her how to read, pull from a variety of books and authors to introduce the rich, diverse world we live in and how we differ. Read More..

50 Ways to Experience Diversity

Here is a list of 50 things you can do to broaden your thinking on diversity. Click here

Events or meetings

The Teen Diversity Club -

A group for Ellington High School students who would like to help plan cultural diversity events for the Ellington Community.

Contact Youth Services for next meeting date.