Don’t Let The Bullies Get You Down: How To Use Social Media

Nov 2, 2014 | Author: MaryEllen Fitzgerald-Bord

As I’m sure many of you are aware, Yik Yak is  a popular social media app which allows users to anonymously post their thoughts/opinions/quick blurbs about their lives. With the freedom of anonymity also comes the responsibility associated with it as well. This blog post is an easy way to navigate your way through using Yik Yak (as well as various other social media sites) safely and productively.

 1.) Think before you post! Everyone always says this, and for good reason. What you are posting may seem all in good fun, but think about how it might make someone else feel. A good rule of thumb to follow is, don’t talk about anyone except yourself! If you’re posting about people you don’t know, you have no idea how they might feel about it. …so don’t do it. Posting about someone else in a negative way makes you a bully, and you may not even realize it! No one likes to feel ostracized or singled out, so don’t be the person that does that to someone else.

2.) Why are you posting? A lot of people post things only to see likes, or “ups” on it. While it may be  a good feeling to have other people agreeing with you; are you going to be okay if people don’t agree? Personally, before I put something out into “the world of social media,” I try to think what I want from it. Will I still keep that opinion or enjoy that picture if other people don’t agree? My answer is usually yes, but sometimes it isn’t. If I find myself posting something only to see others like it, then I won’t post it. It is important to recognize where your validation comes from…and my advice would be to find it from within yourself.

3.) Be true to yourself! Often people post what they think other people want to see, not how they really feel/are. Don’t make your social media profiles into “fake personas” of yourself, be authentic with what you post! Even with social media platforms that are anonymous, such as Yik Yak, be careful to not morph into something you’re not. Being aware of who you are as a person, and not loosing sight of that, is an important ideal to maintain.

4.) Don’t take it too seriously! Social media is a quick form of communication between large masses of individuals. Don’t read too much into people’s messages because the tone they are using, or their actual inflection may be missed. People should always try to be aware of how they come across and what they say, but sometimes, things like sarcasm are lost when read from a phone screen.

5.) Remember that social media isn’t everything! While it may make things a bit more fun to share your quick thoughts throughout your day, try to unplug from it every so often. I used to obsessively check my twitter, but now I find it much more relaxing to just scroll through once every so often. If you find yourself constantly turning to Yik Yak, or Instagram try to find something else to do when bored. It may be fun, but don’t let it take away from actual experiences occurring in the moment!

Hopefully you find these tips easy and helpful when using social media. I, personally, use several forms of social media. I tweet about my day, and post pictures all of the time. However, I am always conscious of the messages I am putting out into the world. I did have Yik Yak for a while, but I really didn’t like the way people interacted on the app, so I deleted it. That is also always an option, if you don’t like a social media network, don’t use it. You have the ability to make a conscious decision to be aware of how you are presenting yourself, and please make sure you are making a good impression.