10 Tips for Raising a Compassionate Infant-Toddler

By: Julia Luckenbill of NAEYC for families (http://families.naeyc.org)

Recent research shows that infants and toddlers are far more empathetic than we once thought.  While they have short fuses, and don’t cope well with sharing, they are capable of being compassionate.  With this in mind, here are ten tips I use in the classroom to help infants and toddlers become pro-social that families can also try at home. Read More

7 Ways to Raise Grateful Kids In An Over-Entitled World

By Amy McCready of www.mindbodygreen.com

In a world of “I wants” and “Can I haves?” it can be daunting for parents to raise grateful kids.

I get it. As a mom of two boys, I’ve watched and learned (sometimes the hard way) how our society is now seemingly pre-dispositioning kids to feel entitled to have it all, simply because “everyone else does.”

Does having the latest and greatest gadget make them better people? No. But what will is raising them to be grateful not just for what they have, but for the opportunities that are available to them.

With that in mind, here are seven powerful strategies from my new book, The “Me, Me, Me” Epidemic — A Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Capable, Grateful Kids in an Over-Entitled World, that will help parents model gratitude in their daily lives and help their kids do the same. Read More


Tips for Parents on How to Raise Kind Children

 Here are some tips from author Kristine Breese of parents.com on ways to teach children how to be kinder and more compassionate.


1.     Work as a Team.  Make helping a family affair.

When a friend gets sick or a local family falls on hard times, grown-ups know what to do. They send flowers, bake casseroles, and pass the collection plate at church. Get your kids involved in these projects. Ask them what they'd like to do to help out, or suggest arranging the bouquet, layering noodles in the lasagna pan, or collecting cans of food. And when you drive over to deliver the gifts, take your kids along. They'll find out firsthand how good it feels to brighten someone's day. This is also a great opportunity to talk about being on the other side of the good-karma equation -- ask them whether they remember when someone did something nice for them and how it made them feel. Read More

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