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"Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things we can do for each other."                                                                       Randy Pausch

Ellington Youth Services and Decide to Be Kind will be offering a Gratitude Project for the month of November 2017. We are hoping that Ellington families, schools, organizations and businesses will join us in showing gratitude during the month and beyond!

November is over but we still have journals and boards!

Here are some ways to get involved and show your gratitude towards others:

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Gratitude Journal: Stop by the Youth Services office at 31 Arbor Way to purchase your own gratitude journal for $1.00. Use this journal to record things and people in your life that you are grateful for, or write someone a note of thanks.

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Gratitude Board: Order your 13.75" X 22" Gratitude Board for your home, organization, business and/or school. Supplies for messages of gratitude, kindness and encouragement are all included. Cost is $20. You can place your order at the Youth Services Office or order online at Activenet. Use code: GBoard.BeKind. We will contact you when your board is ready for pick-up.

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Digital Gratitude Log: Download a "Picture a Day" app on your digital device and photograph someone or something you are grateful for each day for a month. Most apps will condense your photos into a video for you to watch. Feel free to email your videos to for a chance to have your video shared on our Facebook page. (App suggestions: Everyday, 1Second Everyday, Selfie A Day)