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Little Free Library- Judi Manfre   October 2016

Judi Manfre at Skinner Road School.

Judi Manfre at Skinner Road School.

Ellington Resident Judi Manfre and retired school nurse at Skinner Road School in Vernon built and placed Little Free libraries at Skinner Road School and at her home on Field Road in 2015 as a gift to the community. The Little Free Library ( is a neighborhood book exchange for community members to share books. She hopes more libraries can be placed in the community and the Decide to Be Kind Committee would love to see that as well. What a great gift to a community!

Daisy Troop 10726 -  November 2015

Daisy Troop 10726 under the leadership of Jenna Miller has been quite busy spreading kindness this fall. They donated a big box of non-perishable items for the Ellington Food Bank in response to the first Decide To Be Kind Challenge and also donated a huge box for a family for Thanksgiving. In addition they raked lawns for two elderly residents. Way to go Girl Scouts! Thank you for deciding to be kind!

The DeYoung family and neighbors on East Shore Road, Ellington

November 2015

The East Shore Road "family"

The East Shore Road "family"

"I live on the best street in Ellington! All of the neighbors watch out for each other in so many ways: babysitting, bringing food to the elderly, sharing expenses for the good of the road, doctor visits, sharing garden vegetables, welcoming new residents and our favorite pot luck/game monthly get-togethers."

They have a "Join the Moo-vement" sign in their neighborhood to show all visitors that theirs is a KIND neighborhood that gives back. Thank you residents of East Shore Road in Ellington for deciding to be kind and showing us what being a neighbor is all about!

From Diane Madore - October 2015

My daughter is 7 and loves to write.  She has notebooks and journals and clipboards, always at the ready to jot down her thoughts or write a story.  What she writes about is often inspired by what's going on in our lives or what she's doing at school.  I wanted to share what I found on her clipboard recently.  She was thinking aboutclass discussions on goals and being nice to others.  She was writing with her "Decide to Be Kind" pen and that concept stuck.  The message you are spreading is getting through!  Keep up the great work for Ellington!!

Writings by Zoey Madore, age 7
September 28, 2015

People find fascinating things in life.  It’s just hard to get to them easily.  Everyone has a different way to get to it.  Everyone is at a different step.  It all matters about accomplishing it.  It doesn’t matter how long, even if it’s just a second or a minute done.  You just have to get a second of it done.  That’s all that matters. 
When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.  It’s not always easy to achieve a goal.  You need to try hard for it because not everyone gets a chance to do that thing you’ve wanted to do for your whole life!  But some days that day has to come true.
Just think of all the awesome things you’ve done other times in your life.  They could actually be more awesome than what you’ve been dreaming of.  But even small things count.  There’s nothing wrong with what you do.
Whatever you do that’s kind counts. So it doesn’t matter how big or how small it is.  It just matters that it’s kind.  Even if you replace a empty roll of toilet paper, it’s being kind.
Just a small act of kindness is still being kind.  Cheer up a friend or maybe make a new one but still decide to be kind. 
When you’re stuck waiting for someone, see what else you can do alone.  It may even be better than what you were going to do!  So just see what you can do alone. 

A 'sweet moment' from Moneta Moments Bakery in Windsor.
For what feels like my whole life I remember a sweet lady that always wore red riding her bike in our town and surrounding towns. Today we looked out our bakery window and that sweet lady dressed in red came in our door. Always curious of her story I started asking her questions. Low and behold she has been riding a bike my whole life(55 years)! Fifty-five years ago she gave her car to her oldest son and has been riding ever since. We found Nancy to be a witty, sweet, and an absolute treasure.
We were blessed to have a visit with her and wish her many years of health, after all she is only 81 years young!
Bless you Miss Nancy!

Kindness Takes All Forms

Photo by NBC Connecticut

Photo by NBC Connecticut

Firefighters from Ellington responded along with several other communities on Thursday, September 16th to a massive livestock barn fire in East Windsor. During the fire, a calf was born and firefighters and paramedics came to the aid of the mother cow and calf with oxygen. Kindness takes many forms. 


By Catherine Bella-September 2015

I know a family in town who have had a rough month with the dad being very sick. I brought them a homemade zucchini bread and a note letting them know they were in my thoughts and prayers. I got a call that they were surprised and grateful.

Warmed my heart. 

By Emersyn & Riley Giordano-August 2015

A few weeks ago we toured Oakridge Farm.  It was so fun to see so many of our friends and neighbors there, plus we were able to see so many cool things.  We saw a baby cow who was only 15 minutes old.  We also rode a tractor and were able to see the barns where the cows are fed and milked.  After we took our tractor ride, we ate delicious hamburgers and chocolate milk made from their cows.  For dessert, we had tasty ice cream sandwiches and refreshing popsicles. Before we left, we had a chance to climb and sit on huge tractors, combines, and trucks that the Oakridge farmers use.  We learned that Oakridge Farms is a huge operation and it takes a lot of hard work to maintain.   Ellington may be a small town, but our community does BIG things!